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Brandon Howard (aka ‘B. Howard’) is an American recording artist, producer, songwriter, and a rising star in the global music scene.

Few artists have been able to achieve what Seth Bishop has at the age of 23. His Melodic Pop sound infused with Rock & Roll and authentic, raw emotion creates the powerful sound Seth Bishop has today. With massive hits like ‘Hopeless’ and ‘Shawn Mendes’ among several others; Seth is ready to take a commanding position in the world of Alternative Pop music.

Seth Bishop was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona where he still currently resides. Growing up in Arizona, Seth found music at the young age of 15. As he started high school, he also had started his true passion; producing and singing music. Seth quickly discovered producing and singing were his true callings as his abilities grew incredibly over a small amount of time. By the time he was 18, Seth started doing music professionally.

Seth’s debut single in 2017, ‘Shawn Mendes’, was a smash hit gaining almost two million streams on Spotify and 200,000 on YouTube. Following the release of Seth’s debut single, he opened on tour for Boys of Summer two years in a row. In between the Boys of Summer tours, Seth also opened for Cody Simpson at the Avalon and headlined his own show at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA. With all of this going on, Seth has still managed to always be putting out new releases for his fans that have gained massive traction. With more hits such as ‘Hopeless’, ‘Ride For Me’, or his latest release ‘Idfc About You’ it is no secret that Seth Bishop is well on his way to top stardom. But that isn’t Seth’s motivation.

Seth’s entire motivation for music has stemmed from two things: Fans and Family. Seth considers both to be the same, but nevertheless his fans and family have fueled his music, his passion, and his career. All he wants to do is give back to them via songs, shows, interactions, and relationships. Seth has recently been plagued by the loss of his older brother, Garrett. Despite his tragic loss, Seth wants to honor his brother the best way he knows how; through music. Seth’s upcoming single ‘Why Do The Good Die Young’ is dedicated to his late brother Garrett and all the amazing memories they have cherished together.

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